Seamlessly networked autonomous flow of goods from the truck

The future begins now

Are you planning a new warehouse or logistics centre? Do you wish to modernise an existing warehouse or bring greater efficiency into your present logistics processes? In that case you should talk to us about it.
As a specialist in control and automation, we have developed BHS iMotion – the total solution for the autonomous warehouse of the future. In combination with BHS iLifter and BHS iShuttle, this latest generation practice-oriented goods flow and control software (PPS-, ERP-, SAP-compatible) created by BHS Intralogistics

allows you to implement processes from the unloading of trucks to passage through the warehouse and on to internal transportation to processing machinery. And all of this is seamlessly controlled and synchronised from one source with BHS iCMS goods flow and control software.
With this total solution of hardware and software from one source, a new era in practice-oriented automation for the warehouse of the future has begun.

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