BHS iMotion – The future of seamless networked autonomous flow of goods from the truck begins now!

With BHS iMotion en route to fully automated transportation of goods for INDUSTRY 4.0

Automation and control is our world! We, BHS Intralogistics GmbH, a competence joint-venture between BHS Corrugated, the globally leading plant constructor in the corrugated cardboard industry, and KS CONTROL, an automation and control specialist with an international orientation conceive practice-oriented, pioneering automation and logistics solutions and their realisation in new systems and warehouse modernisations using hardware and software from one source.

Automatic truck unloading and loading

The automatic, driverless unloading and loading of piece goods offers advantages for consignees and consignors. Firstly, there is a saving in terms of personnel and time and, secondly, barcodes on the piece goods prevent incorrect placement in the warehouse and allow seamless identification and tracking of arrivals and deliveries.

Warehouse management and control software

The BHS iCMS warehouse management and control software in combination with the BHS iLifter and BHS iShuttle ensures dynamic and secure loading and storage bin optimisation of single and double racks (LIFO/FIFO). Camera recognition on the BHS iLifter of pallet storage locations allows them to be optimised efficiently in the rack.

Flexible piece good removal from storage

The right material at the right time in the right quantity and at the right place. Thanks to the laser-controlled path guidance and camera-supported storage bin recognition of the BHS iLifter, upon call off, fast rotating piece goods can be placed centrally and flexibly in interim line or block storage near the picking station.

Internal flow of goods

The internal flow of goods/single items ensues by BHS iShuttle with flexible adaptability to particular storage and production demands, centrally via laser navigation or camera-supported guideline recognition. Thus, every position in production and assembly can be accessed. The extremely low profile of the shuttle allows trouble-free integration with existing transport components.

Warehouse loading and storage location optimisation

To detect pallets, storage bins and barcodes automatically, BHS iLifters are equipped with a 3D vision sensor with time-of-flight technology to detect the presence or absence of 3D objects. The sensor software offers an easy to understood 3D image analysis that can be communicated directly to a visual display, audible alarm or a PC.