BHS iLifter 360° navigation:

As a specialist in automation and control, we have redefined precision in spatial orientation and storage bin recognition by using lasers and camera navigation. Users are able to plan routes independently and redefine storage bins. The forklift uses a laser scanner to orientate itself to predefined spatial structures. A navigation algorithm reliably filters out any changes in the surrounding space due to deposited material or other vehicles. Three further safety laser systems serve to safeguard personnel and avoid collisions.

Storage bin loading and storage location optimisation

  • 360° laser spatial navigation based on natural room structures
  • 4-point laser collision avoidance and personnel safeguarding
  • Laser-based storage location orientation with 3D vision sensor
  • Automatic prong width adjustment
  • Individual attachment options
  • Info monitor for manual operation
360° laser all-round navigation by reference to natural room structures
4-point laser collision avoidance and personnel safeguarding with drive slowly and stop function
BHS iLifter 360°-Navigation

Object recognition and storage location navigation

To detect pallets, storage bins and barcodes automatically, BHS iLifters are equipped with a 3D vision sensor with time-of-flight technology to recognise objects. Consequently, it is possible to respond to variations in the surroundings, and transportation problems can be quickly solved with ease and flexibility.

4-wheel dynamic steering system

The re-designed and fully steerable rear axle of the BHS iLifter allows a steering angle of up to 101°. Therefore, they need only the same room to manoeuvre as a 3-wheel forklift. This is a major advantage when depositing or removing in tight surroundings, such as when removing from storage or manoeuvring in double racking.

Electric dual motor drive

BHS iLifters are fitted with a traction dual motor to drive the front axles. It works with innovative electronic alternating current (AC) pulse technology as an electronic differential. As a result, BHS iLifters have a significantly smaller turning radius than forklifts fitted with standard differentials.

Battery technology

More charge, more autonomy: The customer can chose from two technologies according to requirements.
Long-life, lead acid batteries of grid plate design with energy-saving, electronic "high frequency" technologies and electrolyte circulation meet the high demands of multi-shift operation in the heavy load sector.
Low maintenance, high efficiency lithium-ion batteries offer high operational performance with short charging times and allow interim charging. Automatic charging controlled by the BHS iCMS supervisory system increases the availability of the BHS iLifters.