BHS iShuttle: Extremely compact transport shuttle. Only 270 mm high and a class leader with up to 5t payload

Universally deployable carrier system for the internal transportation of goods in individual expandable modular construction  

Whether palletized goods or single items – the BHS transport shuttles within the BHS iMotion logistics solution guarantee a flexible, reliable and efficient autonomous transport of piece goods and close a gap in the internal transport chain on the path to INDUSTRY 4.0.

The modular design of the compact BHS iShuttle system facilitates extremely low profile builds and makes its integration into existing customer transport solutions normally trouble-free. The two available control systems, 2D laser navigation or alternatively camera-based marker line guidance, allow the internal flow of goods to be easily and flexibly adapted to all spatial circumstances and different target locations.

If the volume of goods transported increases, additional BHS iShuttles can be integrated into the BHS iCMS overall system without problems.

BHS iShuttle advantages:

  • Optionally with 2D laser navigation or line-based guidance
  • Various sizes and design variants
  • Modern lithium-ion energy supply
  • Non-contact charging function with battery management

BHS iShuttle control

The optical path recognition of the BHS iShuttle is via 270° laser navigation or floor fed via marker line guidance using the latest camera technology. Two further safety laser systems serve to safeguard personnel and avoid collisions.

The guide lines or line marks on the warehouse floor can be altered to suit new demands and updated in the guidance control system quickly and easily.  

  • Camera-based marker line navigation
  • Alternative 270° laser navigation
  • 2-point laser collision avoidance and personnel safeguard
Optical, camera-based marker line recognition
2-point laser collision avoidance and personnel safeguarding with drive slowly and stop function
BHS iShuttle control

BHS iShuttle: Individual in size and transport set-up

The innovative, compact and extremely low profile BHS modular system allows streamlined size matching to customer specific transportation tasks as well as to diverse kinds of platform superstructures such as lifting table, push & pull function for goods pushover, belt or chain conveyors and special holders for payloads of up to 5 tons.

Since the base chassis is only 270 mm high, integration into existing customer transport lines is usually trouble-free.

BHS iShuttle advantages:

  • Autonomous, camera-based navigation via marker line
  • Alternative navigation via central goods flow control
  • No alterations by the customer are necessary
  • Collision and personnel safeguards by 270° laser detection
  • Transport loads of up to 5 tons
  • Drive concept 360° on the spot
  • Variable drive speed according to spatial situation
  • Battery drive concept, high current capability, energy saving