Two competency partners on the path to fully networked autonomous flow of goods

Since autumn 2018, BHS Corrugated GmbH, a machinery and plant construction company based in Weiherhammer, Bavaria, and KS CONTROL GmbH, an automation and control specialist in Mintraching near Regensburg have cooperated under the name BHS Intralogistics GmbH based in Mintraching, to consolidate their combined decades of expertise in future-assured automation, complete control solutions and plant construction for logistics and production companies in the global market

The common goal:
To automate loading processes and perfect load tracking. To avoid errors in material flow and deploy personnel optimally.
At BHS Intralogistics, on the company premises of KS CONTROL in Mintraching near Regensburg, everything necessary to make a future-oriented company comes together: The financial strength and know-how of a market leader in complex plant construction in the corrugated cardboard industry with over 2,000 employees and subsidiaries worldwide along with an internationally active specialist in control, automation, inspection and customer-specific software development.

Christian Engel, CEO and Chairman of the Board at BHS Corrugated GmbH

„Whether artificial intelligence, robotics or autonomisation: The digitalisation in intralogistics moves ever onward. With BHS Intralogistics, a broad business field in the automation of logistics processes at production and logistics companies worldwide opens up due to our combination of development expertise in highly skilled installation and machinery construction (Made in Germany) and the control and automation experience of our partner, KS CONTROL


Martin Ruhland, CEO of KS CONTROL GmbH

„With BHS Intralogistics, we, KS CONTROL and BHS Corrugated, are pursuing a pioneering path in the automation of complex logistics processes for the autonomous warehouse. With our decades of expertise in control and automation in highly diverse sectors, we are the partner for software and hardware at BHS Intralogistics. With this one-stop-shop total solution for the driverless flow of goods at new installations or the retrofitting of existing installations, we provide greater efficiency and a noticeable lowering of costs."

Johann Gerneth, CEO of BHS Intralogistics GmbH

„As an equal partner we consolidate our intralogistics expertise in plant construction and the flow of goods. Foremost in our collaboration is to be the development and realisation of hardware and software for autonomous, internal piece goods transport from the road to the storage rack locations and onward to production and assembly. Our BHS iMotion intralogistics solution for the automated transport of piece goods renders an important contribution towards INDUSTRY 4.0 AUTOMATION." 

BHS iMotion

BHS iMotion, the total solution for autonomous internal flow of goods from the truck to the warehouse and onward to internal production, was developed as a joint project by BHS Intralogistics. With this total solution: BHS iLifter autonomous electric forklifts with payloads of up to 10t and extremely low profile BHS iShuttles with easily alterable laser- or guide path control and BHS Intralogistics own goods flow and guidance control, a new era in practice-oriented automation for the warehouse of the future has begun.

Joint Venture Partner